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It Came From a Monster Movie!

Mar 29, 2023

In the stunning conclusion of ICFAMMPodcast, Lilllie and Henry the Hosts sit back and reflect on their histories as podcasters as well as the history of the giant monster they consider one of the best if not the most influencial of them: GOJIRA (1954)! As we talk the horrors of the atomic age, we thank those who have joined us for this journey. ICFAMMPodcast has been a hell of a trip and who knows...much like Godzilla, it could come back again someday. Till then, enjoy the episodes that have come before and this stunning commentary from your hosts with the mosts. 

Sync up 0:27 to enjoy our commentary and farewell! Catch you all on the flip! 

CLICK HERE to watch GOJIRA (1954) via YOUTUBE