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It Came From a Monster Movie!

Oct 9, 2022

"Don't Feed the Plants" 

Its a bit belated, but we still continue to grow as Henry and Lillie the Hosts have a fantastic cast of ICFAMM classic guest Samia Mounts as well as new guests, artist and pole dancers Hiaken as well as the artist and botanist Kasey K. Pham as they go downtown to experience the director's cut...

Sep 20, 2022


Better late than never right! Check out this fun episode of ICFAMMPodcast as Henry and Lillie the Hosts are joined by a variety of guests like Angela , Lisa Naffziger , Dope Pope , Blake and Caleb as, like a good joke showcase what a bunch of nerds, artists, a herptalogists and a WWII Historian...

Aug 29, 2022

Do you still remember your childhood dreams about a silver shooting star?

Henry and Lillie the Hosts end August with celebrating the super hero genre with one of the biggest hero names out there: ULTRAMAN! In honor of the rise of Ultraman in Western media, ICFAMMPodcast checks out the 2004 feature film of the classic...

Aug 15, 2022

Herny and Lillie the Hosts once again set up an expedition to venture into Africa in this episode exploring a dramazation of a "natural history true crime" in the 1996 film, THE GHOST AND THE DARKNESS! Learn about what Val Kilmer and the Lions of Tsavo get up to in this rad episode featuring returning guests Johnny and...

Aug 1, 2022


We start the month of August off with getting you the listener ready for the upcoming feature film, PREY (2022) by going into the steam South American jungles of 1987 with the classic creature feature, PREDATOR! Like a bunch of commandos, Henry and Lillie the hosts gather the likes of