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Mar 8, 2022

As ICFAMMPOD: The Revenge gets ready to take a bite out of podcast once again, take a moment to enjoy a preview of why its cool to be an ICFAMMPod Fan on our Patreon in this all new series, IT CAME FROM A MONSTER MOVIE THE ANIMATED SERIES! Twice a month, Henry the Host is joined by Co-Host Lillie to watch and discuss...

Jan 26, 2022


April 2022 


Dec 23, 2021

Twas two days before Christmas 

And despite how the rest of this story goes....some creatures are definently stirring. 

Just a little holiday greeting / HOLY HELL AN UPDATE! 

News about APEX is a coming as well as some things that were lost and now found. Henry the Host has some plans for 2022, so be on the look out...

Sep 5, 2021

Hey everyone! Its September and you are probably wondering or concerned about what exactly is going on with the podcast. Well fret not as Henry the Host gives you the deets on the past, present and future of It Came From a Monster Movie Podcast! Also make sure to check out and support the people below! 


Jul 5, 2021

Jeff the Squid Guy funds this Patreon expedition to explore the strange cinematic age of 1989 where everyone seemed to be making deep sea horror a la THE ABYSS and so obviously we go deep into the film LEVIATHAN! Tune in as we learn important marine science facts as well as Henry the Host tales of never having...