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It Came From a Monster Movie!

Oct 22, 2022

Henry and Lillie the Hosts died. 

But don't worry, they are fine now! Tune in for a quick update to explain how ICFAMMPodcast, like a classic Monster Movie franchise, has died, been brought back, put in development hell, and now we are in the "soft reboot"  stage of It Came From a Monster Movie! We discuss all sorts of...

Jun 8, 2022

Tune into this quick thirtheen minute audio from your hosts with the mosts, Henry and Lillie, as they discuss the future of the podcast, the events we are hosting this month and more! 

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Jun 2, 2022

Henry and Lillie go back to the glorious age of 2008/2009 where the last of the  Blockbusters roam the surban landscape, high school is the hot topic, and Animal Planet decided to pretty much make once a week thirty minute monster movies to raise Cryptozoological awareness in the first season of THE LOST TAPES (2008)....

Mar 8, 2022

As ICFAMMPOD: The Revenge gets ready to take a bite out of podcast once again, take a moment to enjoy a preview of why its cool to be an ICFAMMPod Fan on our Patreon in this all new series, IT CAME FROM A MONSTER MOVIE THE ANIMATED SERIES! Twice a month, Henry the Host is joined by Co-Host Lillie to watch and discuss...

Jan 26, 2022


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