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It Came From a Monster Movie!

Dec 17, 2022

Happy holidays everyone! The end of the year is fast approaching and boy oh boy has 2022 been something else! Tune into this special little audio snippet that has Henry and Lillie reflecting on the show rebirth, reinvention, and release into the wild and weird world of 2022! From answer questions of whatever happened to episodes that were recorded but never aired, to invention of the commentaries, to the show you know and love and what the future holds; we want to take this time to say special thanks to the whole cast of characters that make this show the special work that it is today! Happy holidays and merry new year everyone! 

Special thanks to: 

S.A Blalock Arts , Kaiju Ramen , Samia Mounts , SS Cringefest , Hia Kien , Kasey K Pham , Lisa Naffziger, Dope Pope, Angela , Blake , Johnny, Brenna of Mourning Murders , Get Out Alive Podcast , Laura , Will O'Donnell , Benny Gesserit , Talking During Movies Podcast, Taylor Sandy , Shaun Michael Keenan, Zach Lamplugh, Paul Mattingly of Matt and Mattingly's Ice Cream Social Podcast , The Scoopstronaut , Sheila, Erica Lynn , Darcy the Dandy, Awesome le Possum , The Corvid Witch, The Horror Historian,Vivian, Sasha , HotterBiscuit , Skuudo, Polly Ketcham, Rob Soto, Jirasaurus, Rob, Kaiju Conversations, TwitchyJay Games, Rigel, Will Cope aka Tyrantis Terror, Prof. Kaiju, Andrew Parker, Brandon Cahela, Monsters vs Men Podcast, Everything is Scary Podcast / The Graveyard Shift, The Horrormom, Eevee, Anna Klompen, Lora Fitkin, Jeff Good, Lauren LoGiudice, Jawsman, Derek Bourgeois, Doomsday Cupcake, Denny Roth, Jack Porter, Stephanie, Barbara PHD, Brian, Ella, Gummmy Dragon, Jurassic Jen, Krystal Star, Laura aka TheCleverfangirl, Sean Sumagaysay, Kahlid Elijah Tapia aka TheSeoulBrotha,ToniSparkle Fox, Kaiju Hime , Patrick Waugh ,Kiddo Cut, Almighty RayzillaAugust Northcutt and to all those who listen, support, and enjoy this podcast! We've learned our lessons and have grown to become a show that will literally rock your socks off in the coming year! Thank you all and see you all in 2023! ITS GOING TO BE BIG! 

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