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It Came From a Monster Movie!

Jan 16, 2023


We end the first month of season 5 with a nice little group therapy session. Henry and Lillie the Hosts get in a circle with returning guests Micheal, Benny Gesserit , Angela, and for a brief moment Vivian as they check out the 2016 indie creature feature, THE CLEANSE! Tune in as we discuss the...

Jan 11, 2023

Fantasy and romance. And, friendship.

Our first ICFAMMCommentary of 2023 and Henry and Lillie do something absolutely wild. Through certain means, we provide to you a commentary track of the 2022 hit of Japanese cinema: SHIN ULTRAMAN (2022). It should be noted to our listeners that while this film has been hailed a...

Jan 2, 2023


We start off with the official first episode of season 5 by getting a little batty! Henry and Lillie the Hosts gather together with two new guests: Wildlife life ecologist and bat enthusiast Sophiane and film loving bartender Alexia! The four of them gather to experience and discuss the 1999...

Jan 1, 2023


ICFAMMPodcast starts off the new year with a special episode to showcase the new bells and whistles of the show while also letting you, the listener, see that after the highs and lows of 2022, ICFAMMPodcast is back at it being the wild nonsensical film podcast that you know and love! 

Henry and...

Dec 25, 2022

Happy Christmas everyone! We sincerely hope the holiday has treated you all kind and that you are warm and content in this yule tide season. Henry and Lillie take this time to ask you to join us for our very own ICFAMM "Navitity scene" if you will with the 2012 film, PROMETHEUS! Listen or sync up at 0:20 mark and enjoy...